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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Decorating with Flea Market Finds

Tour these stylish rooms, filled with flea market finds, for great ideas on how to display your own vintage treasures.

Changing lampshades is an easy way to update a favorite lamp. And in long rooms, old doors can be used to divide living areas to create nooks.

An 1870s weathervane takes folk art to high style on an antique table still sporting its original paint. Don’t be afraid to mix high- and low-style items. Mixing things up will keep your rooms interesting.

To add character to the dining room, Susan simply propped two vintage doors against the wall. Their rustic charm provides texture and interest. When working with architectural salvage pieces, take a cue from Susan and think outside of the box.

home collectibles
Create vignettes with your favorite finds to infuse spaces with warmth and style.

Stacking this collection of 1800s-1920s blankets helps keep clutter at bay and makes a colorful display.

The weathered texture on this country table mixes well with modern chairs made from reclaimed wood.

If you prefer uncluttered spaces, keep your collections organized behind doors. This 1870s cupboard holds antique stoneware and glassware.

Timeworn pieces like the stool and oars mix beautifully with new linens. Make thoughtful choices when blending old and new, keeping in mind the overall look of the room you wish to create.

The blue hue of this vintage mirror is the result of natural copper aging. To age a new metal-framed mirror, use a patina gel, available at craft stores.

By Hillary Black
Photography by Mark Tanner
Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why I Love Flea Market Decor

I visited a flea market for the first time when I was eighteen years old.

I was eager to feather my first nest, and the deals couldn’t be beat. If my finds weren’t perfect, fixing them up was the fun part.

Even know, all these years later, giving a new home to a cool cast-off is my decorating style of choice. The office in which I write is filled with furniture and accessories from flea markets, antique malls and thrift stores, including a $30 wooden desk and a $45 buffet that were both transformed with paint and elbow grease. Among the mix you also will find an old brass lamp, a collection of cool vintage frames, original flower paintings….the list goes on. So, working on the Flea Market Décor website and print issues is always a labor of love.

Let us introduce you to spaces decorated in a variety of styles—from eclectic, romantic and farmhouse to mid-century modern, French, or a blend of two or more. Peruse our extensive directory of the best flea markets across the country and the world. Check our list of hot collectibles before you head out to search for your next big find. Follow our how-to guide to upcycling the next vintage piece you bring home with a horrid finish and beautiful bones.

Whatever you need, if you love flea market décor like me, we’ve got you covered.


By Rebecca Ittner

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Tips I have Learned from Flea Marketing

•    Those wheeled carts are not just for grannies who buy their groceries wearing slippers. They allow you to shop freely, and there’s enough room for bags of apples and fresh produce on top.
•    Ask the seller questions. If a piece is of worth, a good knowledgeable seller can share the piece’s provenance and tips for care. Phones are also handy if you want to search the Internet on a particular collectible.
flea market
•    Bring cash. Even though many vendors accept credit cards, money is the best currency if you want to make a deal. The asking price does not have to be the same as the selling price.
•    Take measuring tape if you are shopping for a larger item, such as a piece of furniture. Additionally, many sellers in city flea markets work with movers who can transport such pieces, as transportation is not as accessible.
•    Investigate. Read the bottom of china, silver and crystal to see where the item was made and if it is attached to a noted designer.
•    Bad weather days could mean more chances for a better bargain, as there is less competition from more shoppers.
•    Go early for the best selection. Closer to closing time, vendors are more likely to strike a deal.
•    If a piece speaks to you react to your emotion. The luxury of putting something on hold with a day to think about it does not apply.
•    For more information on the Upper Westside Green Flea visit

By Jacqueline deMontravel

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Found and Transformed

Home. We all hope it is a place where we can relax, escape from the worries of the day, enjoy our families and friends, and have some fun. Those are tall orders! The beauty of flea-market-style decorating is that it fits every style and every budget. Love expensive French antiques? There are booths for that. Does your style run more towards mid-century modern, farmhouse, romantic or a mix of these? You’re covered. At flea markets, tag sales, estate sales, yard sales and antique malls across the country (and internationally), shoppers can now find something to suit their personal decor.

{Credit in caption: Photo courtesy of}

Recently I visited the Long Beach Antique Market in Long Beach, California. There were booths filled with old jewelry, vintage dishware, collectibles of all shapes and sizes, furniture and accessories in every style, and odds-and-ends like buttons and old pictures. Industrial décor has been on the radar for a while now, but it seems to be gaining ground with the masses. While at the show, I found a booth dedicated to all-things industrial (manned by Bryce Jackson, who has a booth at Country Roads Antiques in Orange, California).

Sue Jackson, owner of Country Roads says, “I am a very big believer in home decorating with what you love. An easy way to start blending the industrial pieces into your home décor is to use such things as industrial tables as coffee tables or end tables. Also, the industrial spotlight lamps fit into any home décor.”

While working on this mag, I see the deep connection to home that is shared by those who decorate with collectibles, found items, and repurposed and made-over vintage wares. Their ingenuity and creativity are inspiring-many times I am left thinking, “How did they think of that?”

In each issue and web post, we feature homeowners, designers and bloggers who have transformed their homes and their lives while seeking vintage treasures. You will also find bargains for every budget and style, and a handful of how-to projects. May you find the inspiration to make your house into the home of your dreams.

By Rebecca Ittner